Future Leaders



  • To support OLI youth who are approaching graduation to explore future opportunities through a positive and encouraging mentor relationship
  • To foster two way communication between mentor and mentee that will enable them to learn from each others’ experience and learn about each other’s respective community
  • To engage with Indigenous leaders to form a better understanding of skills required to become future leaders in their communities and beyond
  • To provide additional opportunities that help build skills and relationships for youth who wish to strive beyond the requirements of the regular OLI program



Austinsidepose3My OLI Testimonial experience 

Joining OLI was one of the best decisions I have made. It has created an experience that I will never forget. I couldn’t have asked for a better program to be at the school. I wasn’t really sure about joining this program when it first popped up around the school, I’ve seen the dancing and thought I want to do that but I was so scared because high school was a scary time for me at the moment. I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I was always scared to do things and I thought being a part of some social group like the popular people, I thought I was in the right place doing the things I thought I loved like drinking, smoking, smoking weed, disobeying a lot of things my parents and my teachers told me. I thought I was the coolest person ever, meanwhile I was turning into biggest loser of all of them and most of all my parents and family saw me the same way. I knew they still loved me but I was making them disappointed and so I changed and joined this program and I saw where it was going to take me. This program opened my eyes and I saw the potential in myself. I can say this is the greatest program ever and I can say with an open heart that I can thank OLI for making the person I am rather than the person I am not.
My experience at OLI this year has shaped me to be an amazing person, it has taught me so many things but most importantly, it has taught me to be tough and to have determination so powerful, it will drive all the people who say I can’t up the wall. I have done Future Leaders this year and it was the best choice I’ve made because I got to understand the meaning of connecting with someone and making a friend. A lot of people did not see that with me and I also seen the same in them. But I tried to show it to them through my actions but they took it a different way and have said so many wrong things about me and thought I was doing something different. I was making a friend and people thought I was cheating. But all I can say is, sometimes it is hard to show a certain lesson to your peers because they are so in self-involved with themselves and it’s hard for them to see the whole picture. Through my experience with OLI this year I have learned about making a connection with awesome friends, strong determination, stay tough, keep your eyes open and just be kind to others.
This year or moreover, these two years of what I learned about myself that this program has helped me with seeing that I can be a strong person and someone who is constantly observing, trying to be the good guy but more importantly a it has taught to be more self-content with myself and to just treat other as you would like to be treated.
I can’t believe how much this program has helped me with reaching my dreams and how it has taught to stay close to my dreams and goal so I can be able to achieve them. This program has helped me with seeing the potential in all the things and achieving so much in those fields of success to help with might be my dream job or at least a job that I really love doing. I can’t wait to see what lessons this program will have for me next year.
Thank you OLI you have been such an inspiration for me, and to my most favourite inspiration who runs and founded the program, Tracee Smith. She is the greatest person ever and she has such a loving heart and when I first met her I thought she mean and really hard-going but I saw through it all and she loved seeing all of us dance although it frustrated her when we messed on a part in our dance she still had the patience to see and reach the greatness we all have in inside of us that have made it through the program. She a loving person and cares for each and every one of us, I enjoy it when she is talking to us because you can see how much she wants us to reach our full potential in our dances and in our determination to do anything in life. Traycie Smith will always be the greatest person I’ve met in my life and I hope to see something amazing for the Future Leaders dance next year. And also, what she has in store for us in the next year for all the dancers that will be there. Thank you again OLI and Tracee for founding this program for all the indigenous youth across Canada.
Maureen this part is for you! You’re a really great person and it’s always fun to be around you because you are always a great laugh. I thank you for always pushing me in my English work and for telling me certain lessons about this and that and for when I had problems here and there. Thank you!

Anyways this is my testimonial on my experience I hope to whoever is reading this, to have an AMAZING summer! OLI is the greatest inspiration I have had in my life. Thank you! See you next year!! J

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