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About Us


Outside Looking In supports and empowers Indigenous youth to thrive through experiential education that inspires youth to engage in self-expression, embrace challenges, and shape their path to success.



To provide a full life-cycle of programs to support Indigenous youth from high school through to graduation, post-secondary education, and career readiness.



  • To give Indigenous youth more reasons to go to school and complete their education.

  • To celebrate and showcase the accomplishments of our participants on a national platform.


  • To inspire Indigenous youth with the teachings of long-term commitment, accountability, responsibility and perseverance.


  • To provide tangible learning and networking opportunities that leave a long-term impact.

  • To Increase access to the power of arts education.

  • To provide Canadians with a safe place to learn about Indigenous Peoples.

Founded in 2007, OLI started by introducing dance classes to remote Indigenous communities as a tool to motivate youth to stay in school.

15 years later, OLI offers Dance, Leadership, Work/Study, and Entrepreneurship programming to communities, organizations, Friendship Centres and Public-School Boards across Canada.

Message From The Founder

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At Outside Looking In, our mission has always been to empower Indigenous youth. Through the transformative art of dance and our numerous programs, we ensure we strengthen our communities in the process. OLI today has the same intentions as when we started the organization 14 years ago; we have always provided a platform for Indigenous youth to shine. It's their own space, a space where they can perform, learn, connect, be heard, and in the process feel one with their community.

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