Donate Aeroplan Miles

Aeroplan: Beyond Miles

Aeroplan is one of Canada's leading loyalty programs and is owned by Air Canada – Canada's flagship carrier. Outside Looking In is extremely excited to be a part of the Aeroplan: Beyond Miles program. This program helps Aeroplan members support Canadian-based initiatives, like OLI, that are working to improve lives and assist communities locally, across Canada and around the world.


Outside Looking In works on-the-ground with Indigenous communities across Canada. We routinely send program mangers, instructors, and support staff to our partner communities. Additionally, we also bring fly in youth from our partner communities to events such as Meet the Mentor week and the OLI Annual Show. Donated Aeroplan miles go a long way in ensuring we can reduce costs associated with air travel and further focus our resources on program development and community engagement.


How does it work?

Aeroplan members can make donations on a one-time basis (using our link above) or on an ongoing basis by earmarking 2% of their miles automatically every time they earn by updating their profile on


To set up ongoing donations, login to your Aeroplan account and go to the “Personal Information” section. Click on the “Your Aeroplan” tab and then select “Your Donations”. Here you can search for and choose Outside Looking In as your charity of choice.


How does OLI benefit from my miles?

In order for OLI to work closely with each of its partner communities we often have to travel into the communities and have our participants travel out of the communities. Program managers will often go into new communities to work with community stakeholders to set up the program. They will also often visit communities regularly to assess progress. Our media team will also go into the communities once or twice a year to capture and share all the hard work of our students, volunteers, and community partners. We also regularly send in choreographers to teach students enrolled in the OLI Dance Program. Students are also flown in for events such as Meet the Mentor weekend and the OLI Annual Show. Donated miles go a long way in reducing costs associated with travel. Reduced travel costs allow us to redirect resources towards program development and community engagement. Every mile you donate helps us further expand our program and make an impact on more indigenous youth!


How do I get a tax receipt for my donated miles?

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) does not consider frequent flyer miles to have any monetary value (outside of certain conditions). We are unfortunately unable to issue a tax receipt for donated Aeroplan miles. For more information, please contact the Canada Revenue Agency.