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Our life cycle of programs has been purpose-built to support Indigenous youth every step of the way from secondary school to their career path of choice. We have worked hard to develop and continuously improve these programs over the last 15 years to ensure they best meet the needs of the youth we serve and their communities.

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OLI Dance

OLI Dance provides a creative method to support academic success. Guided by professional choreographers + supported by educators, youth learn choreography with opportunities to perform, both in their home communities + on Canada's biggest stage – Meridian Hall in Toronto!


Students are required to uphold attendance in school, attain a strong academic average, practise positive behaviour and dedicate time and effort to hone performance skills.


The appeal of Dance is that it requires active engagement. Dance requires movement, intention, commitment, and in a group setting, a willingness to “put oneself out there” and be seen. Combined with the excitement and compelling rhythm of upbeat music, Dance offers a perfect medium in which to learn and grow experientially. OLI often sees youth who have fallen away from regular classes at school drawn back through the doors by the intrinsic magnets of music and movement.

Program Benefits

Personal Growth
· Participants learn leadership skills from choreographers + program managers.
· Youth bring out the best abilities in their team members + work together to achieve shared goals.
· Youth develop attributes such as confidence, punctuality, responsibility, cooperation, and perseverance.

Engaged Learning
· Participants maintain regular attendance + a strong academic average to continue in the dance program.
· Youth fully engage in their learning + are accountable.
· Students tap into personal strengths such as musical, kinaesthetic, and spatial skills.
· Youth learn to receive + appreciate feedback as a means to further learning.

Health and Well-being
· Youth recognize the interconnectedness of one’s mental, spiritual, emotional and physical health.
· Learning choreography takes discipline and actively engages the mind and body.
· Participants develop grit and the ability to persevere in the face of new challenges.
· Students develop camaraderie with their peers and form long-lasting friendships through Dance.

Sense of Accomplishment
· Participants shine positively in their home communities.
· Youth are celebrated + recognized for their hard work.
· Youth experience first-hand the power of dance and the joy that comes from achieving a hard-won goal.
· Youth seek the next challenge.

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Interested in bringing OLI Dance to your community?

Oli Dance

RBC Future Leaders

RBC Future Leaders is a high school enrichment, leadership + mentorship program for Indigenous Youth in Grade 10, 11, and 12 who want to develop personal growth, essential leadership, and communication skills through dance.


Participants expand self-knowledge, explore creativity, build confidence, learn healthy personal management tools + techniques, and create connections with a community of Indigenous leaders.


We match youth with a mentor to help them prepare for life after graduation.


Youth learn about their options after high school graduation, explore new opportunities and career paths, both at home and beyond. They travel to Toronto to meet other Future Leaders in person and perform on stage.

A unique approach to career education, leadership development and mentorship.

Program Benefits


Mentorship + Career Exploration
· Develop a supportive + motivational relationship with a mentor for personal development.
· Receive guidance to encourage youth to see beyond your borders and explore possible opportunities, career paths, goals and dreams.


Leadership + Connections
· Youth get to know the leader in them by developing essential leadership skills that increase employability.
· They create connections with a larger community and gain access to a network of Indigenous leaders from across Canada.


Extra Trips + Dance
· Work collaboratively towards a final dance performance to be showcased at OLI’s Annual Show in May 2022 in Toronto (at Meridian Hall).
· Travel to Toronto, Winnipeg, and OLI Camp to meet other Future Leaders, visit colleges and universities, meet their mentor in person and enjoy a group trip to Wonderland!

Additional High School Credit.
· Participation in RBC Future Leaders means that youth receive an additional high school credit (over and above the additional credit for OLI Dance).
· Get one step closer to graduating high school.

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RBC Future Leaders

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