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OLI Dance

OLI Dance is an 8-month long community-based dance program for Indigenous youth that begins in the community locally and finishes with 2 thrilling shows in front of cheering audiences on one of Canada's biggest stages.


  • 2 Live Performances in Toronto (Meridian Hall)

  • Local Rehearsals and Performances

  • Professional Choreographers

  • 2 Weeks at OLI Camp

  • 8 Month Local Dance Program

  • 13+ Indigenous Communities across Canada

Building critical life skills through expression and collaboration

The transformative power of dance goes beyond simply moving your body to the rhythm. It is a deeply engaging activity that requires commitment, intention, working with others and most importantly, a willingness to put yourself out there, to be seen and stand strong in the face of real challenges.

Participants must maintain a strong academic average and regular school attendance as well as demonstrate positive behaviour and a commitment to developing performance skills.

Personal Benefits

  • Supports Academic Success

  • Empowers Personal Growth

  • Encourages Engaged Learning

  • Improves Health and Well-being

  • Creates a Sense of Accomplishment

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"I was too shy to make friends. It
started with one person now. I made friends. But now, it’s like I’m just going to
friend this entire group, so I did.” 

Taro Beardy,
St. Theresa Point First Nation

What we do matters

*Data collected by an outside evaluator (South House Exchange)

Shaping the future of your community

OLI Dance participants are viewed as roles models and future leaders of their communities. Their success in the program begins a lifelong journey of achievement and involvement that strengthens the community from within.

Community Benefits

  • Develops Positive Role Models

  • Builds Community Pride

  • Improves School Complete Rates

  • Increases Meaningful Employment

Interested in bringing OLI Dance to your community?

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