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OLI Dance is an intensive high school accredited program that empowers Indigenous youth to pursue education, engage in self-expression, and experience personal growth through the transformative art of Dance. Youth in grades 7-12 work toward performing at our Annual Showcase in Toronto.

OLI Dance provides a creative method to support academic success. Guided by professional choreographers + supported by educators, youth learn choreography with opportunities to perform, both in their home communities + on Canada's biggest stage – Meridian Hall in Toronto!

Students are required to uphold attendance in school, attain a strong academic average, practise positive behaviour and dedicate time and effort to hone performance skills.


Personal Growth

· Participants learn leadership skills from choreographers + program managers.
· Youth bring out the best abilities in their team members + work together to achieve shared goals.
· Youth develop attributes such as confidence, punctuality, responsibility, cooperation, and perseverance.


Engaged Learning

· Participants maintain regular attendance + a strong academic average to continue in the dance program.
· Youth fully engage in their learning + are accountable.
· Students tap into personal strengths such as musical, kinaesthetic, and spatial skills.
· Youth learn to receive + appreciate feedback as a means to further learning.


Health and Well-Being

· Youth recognize the interconnectedness of one’s mental, spiritual, emotional and physical health.
· Learning choreography takes discipline and actively engages the mind and body.
· Participants develop grit and the ability to persevere in the face of new challenges.
· Students develop camaraderie with their peers and form long-lasting friendships through Dance.


Sense of Accomplishment

· Participants shine positively in their home communities.
· Youth are celebrated + recognized for their hard work.
· Youth experience first-hand the power of dance and the joy that comes from achieving a hard-won goal.
· Youth seek the next challenge. 

Message our Program Director, Maureen Hatherley with any questions


2020 - Full Colour Logo (Updated)-transparent.png