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The OLI Camp Experience

Each May, OLI participants from Indigenous communities across the country come together for two weeks at an Ontario camp to learn, share and grow as they rehearse dance routines in preparation for the Annual Showcase in Toronto. Participants enjoy meals and lodgings with their peers in a safe and supportive environment highlighted by a large rehearsal space and smaller breakout rooms for focused rehearsal, music and art.

2 Weeks of Sharing and Preparation

A home away from home

OLI Camp is a helpful transition for Indigenous youth, many of whom are coming from remote communities in the boreal forest. In this green space, youths are in a safe and supportive environment where they are free to develop new relationships and focus on preparation for the Annual Showcase in Toronto.

Family of camp attendees are invited to read daily updates from camp

Camp Features

  • Large dance rehearsal space

  • Smaller breakout rehearsal spaces

  • Audio Systems

  • Space for studying, arts, music and crafts

  • Full lodgings including bedding, towels and meals

  • Certified staff with knowledge of local emergency services

Volunteer for Camp Staff

We are always looking for individuals interested in volunteering to oversee camp activities and provide positive leadership for our youths.

Supporting Indigenous youth every step of the way

OLI gives participants the opportunity to unpack their emotional, mental and physical expression into a structured outlet like dance. Our programs allow youth to express their hopes, dreams and aspirations on the dance floor.

OLI promotes positive relationships during postsecondary learning, provides pathways to meaningful work, and builds the self-esteem needed to navigate away from negative behaviours such as self-harm and substance abuse.

Participants must attend school regularly, do their school work, have exemplary behaviour and be committed to working hard while in the program.

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