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The Tracee Smith Founders Scholarship

Three scholarships up to $10,000 are awarded annually to outstanding OLI Alumni to use toward a future goal

Who Qualifies?

The Founders Scholarship recognizes dedication and passion for dance and education. It is awarded annually to one alumni in each of the three OLI Alumni program streams. Winners will demonstrate exemplary performance, leadership, and empowerment by achieving a challenging personal or professional goal while being active in the OLI community.

Candidates must be Indigenous members of a partner community,

be enrolled in the OLI Alumni program and must apply for scholarship consideration.

Criteria and Additional Info

  • Be Indigenous (First Nation, Inuit, Metis) Copy of Status Card.

  • Be fully engaged in one of the 3 Alumni streams (Excelerator, Bridge, or Propellor), demonstrating a strong commitment to their own learning through regular check-ins, Leadership Forums, professional development, and volunteer work. 

  • Submit the application by the deadline of March 31, 2023.

  • Include 2 - 3 reference letters from people who attest to the candidate's persistence, passion and determination to achieve. 

  • Include records pertaining to academic progress or employment - i.e. GPA reflecting strong, consistent student achievement OR strong performance assessments based on employment. 

  • Include an explanation of how the scholarship money will help with the candidate's next goal. 

  • Conduct an interview with Tracee Smith to discuss goals, achievements and next steps.

  • Have a valid social insurance number.

  • Be available to attend the annual OLI showcase on May 13, 2023 in Toronto. 

  • Payout of Scholarship will commence July 2023-June 2024


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