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Day 4 at OLI Camp: A Fun-filled Day of Adventure and Creativity

May 4, 2023 -

Day 4 at the Outside Looking In Empowerment Camp has been filled with excitement and fun for all our campers. From canoeing to archery, drawing activities to broomball, and practicing our dance routines, we have been keeping busy all day long.

Our campers enjoyed canoeing in the lake, where they got to explore the beauty of nature and take in the fresh air. They also played broomball, a fun and exciting game that everyone enjoyed. The drawing activities were also a hit, as our campers used their creative skills to make beautiful artwork.

We continued to practice our dance routines outside, perfecting our moves and getting ready for our big performance at Meridian Hall on May 13. The anticipation and excitement for this event is palpable at camp, as we are all looking forward to showcasing our talent and hard work.

During the day, Nino and Queenie spoke to the campers about the closing number for Canada's largest indigenous performance, which added to the excitement and eagerness to perform.

Our campers from Baker Lake also found some small frogs outside, which they loved playing with and taking care of.

In a fun twist, Spiderman was spotted at camp today, adding to the thrill and excitement of the day.

As we wind down from a fun and eventful day, we are all looking forward to what tomorrow has in store for us. Stay tuned for more updates from the Outside Looking In Youth Empowerment Camp!



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