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OLI Rising Stars Content

Submit your entry and win the opportunity to dance on stage in Canada's Largest Indigenous Youth Performance with other Indigenous dancers from across the nation!

Contest Eligibility:

  • Open to all Indigenous youth ages 15 - 29.

  • Must be an active member of your community (in school, employed, actively volunteering)

  • Can not be a current participant in another OLI program

Contest Requirements:

  • Attend 80% of biweekly online dance classes starting Jan 12th until April 20th (can't miss more than 2 classes)

  • Submit records of progress at school, employment or volunteer work at end of January + beginning of March

  • Fund and plan your own travel arrangements to Toronto

PART 1 - Applicant Profile

Preferred Pronons

If you are 17 and under, please complete the section below (if you are 18+ please ignore)

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