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Legacy Gifts

Your will serves to take care of those closest to you. It’s a way to remember the people, places and charities that played an important role in your life. We hope that OLI holds this place in your heart.

Your personal legacy will play a pivotal role in helping Indigenous students complete secondary school, realize the dream of post-secondary education, receive mentorship from a robust network of professionals, and excel in all facets of life. Legacy gifts come in contributions of all sizes, and can be designated however you wish. All gifts will have a direct impact on the lives of Indigenous youth.

A Simple and Smart Way to Make an Impact

One of the real benefits of planned giving is that it typically allows you to give a greater level of support than might be possible right now. These types of gifts can also provide tax advantages that can benefit your estate. We encourage all donors to seek the advice of a qualified financial or estate planner in these matters.


Planned gifts do not typically become available to the Outside Looking In until sometime in the future. Making a bequest in your will is the most common gift of this type, which also includes gifts of life insurance, registered retirement savings, securities, annuities and remainder trusts. We are happy to discuss with you these other future gift options as well.


For further details about making a bequest, please read the Sample Bequest Language and contact us or your financial planner for next steps.

Sample Bequest Language

The wording of your bequest is very important. We've provided some examples below of suggested wording to ensure your bequest is clear and be directed to Outside Looking In according to your wishes.


Please note that we're providing this information as a simple guideline and does not constitute legal advice. It should not be relied upon as a substitute for professional advice. We highly recommend working with a financial planner and/or a legal estate planner before finalizing your decision.

Your charitable bequest should be directed to “Outside Looking In” in your will. For your reference, Outside Looking In's registered charitable number is 81551 7099 RR0001

To include bequests of a specific sum of money:

I give to Outside Looking In the sum of $[amount] for its [program name / specific community / program development / student support].


To include bequests of property including real estate or valuable items such as stocks, bonds, jewelry or works of art:

I give to the Outside Looking In the sum of [description of property] for [program name / specific community / program development / student support].


*Please note that unless the property is considered useful to Outside Looking In, it will be sold and the proceeds used by Outside Looking In in accordance with its charitable objectives.


To include bequests of the rest or residue of your estate:

I give to Outside Looking In the sum of all [or a stated percentage] of the rest or residue and reminder of my estate for its [program name / specific community / program development / student support].

Contingent Bequests

A contingent bequest is one in which Outside Looking In receives a gift only if other heirs specifically named in your will die before you do. Here is some sample wording:

If [name(s) of primary beneficiaries] do[es] not survive me, or die[s] within (90) days of my death, or as a result of common disaster, then I give Outside Looking In [describe the specific amount of money, property or percentage of residual estate] for its [program name / specific community / program development / student support].

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