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Driven by Impact

Strategic Plan
2023 - 2026

OLI is more than dance


Structure and routine

Social interaction

Health + well-being


Elevating aspirations + life goals
Promoting a sense of belonging


Post secondary support
Academic excellence
Professional development

Moving forward

OLI has embarked on an ambitious 3-year plan focusing on exponential growth, continued expansion of our programs, and elevation of our brand image. Coming out of the pandemic, it has been apparent through unprecedented demand that our programs are needed more than ever. In addition to our programs’ academic support, OLI programs provide critical support in areas that schools are looking for assistance with during this time. These include:


  • Structure and routine

  • A safe platform for social interaction

  • Promoting the importance of well-being and physical health

  • Elevating aspirations and life goals

  • Promoting a sense of belonging


By analyzing our growing partnerships and visualizing the structures needed to sustain our envisioned growth, we have put together strategies that focus on our mission, vision, and values with dedicated support from our stakeholders. The resulting strategic centres around our core strengths and utilizes them to propel us into the trajectory we envision over these three years.

About OLI

OLI has developed a life cycle of programs that has been purpose- built to support Indigenous youth every step of the way, from secondary school to their career path of choice. Through experiential learning, we inspire Indigenous youth with the teachings of long-term commitment, accountability, responsibility and perseverance

Our Mission 

Outside Looking In supports and empowers Indigenous youth to thrive through experiential education that inspires youth to engage in self-expression, embrace challenges, and shape their path to success.

Our Vision 

To provide a full life-cycle of programs to support Indigenous youth from high school through to graduation, post-secondary education, and career readiness.

Our Values

  • To give Indigenous youth more reasons to attend school and complete their education.

  • To celebrate and showcase the accomplishments of our participants on a national platform.

  • To inspire Indigenous youth with the teachings of long-term commitment, accountability, responsibility and perseverance.

  • To provide tangible learning and networking opportunities that leave a long-term impact.

  • To Increase access to the power of arts education.

  • To provide Canadians with a safe place to learn about Indigenous Peoples.


Goals for 2023-2026 

To offer rich and relevant programs to Indigenous youth that enhance life skills and empower their self-confidence.

  • Continue to grow the dance program by increasing the amount of youth and communities across Canada, and expand into the U.S.

  • Continue to refine and improve the RBC Future Leaders Program. Establish a strong and robust Alumni Accelerator Program.

  • Establish a defined and structured program around Indigenous Rising Stars.

  • Enhance all programs documentation and delivery methodology through digital transformation.

To entertain and educate through our annual performance that transforms the lives of Indigenous youth and our audiences.

  • Continue to make annual performance the best of its kind in the country.

  • To continue to grow and improve upon the 2-week experience leading up to the annual performance, the best it can be for the youth performers.

  • To move to a new venue that allows OLI to grow into a new space, while considering expanding show to other cities.

  • To grow our audience base through strong marketing and outreach.

To achieve sustainable operational excellence that keeps pace with the organization’s growth.

  • Create a workplace environment that increases staff retention, provides a culture of safety, and results in increased participant satisfaction.

  • Develop a robust financial systems workflow that keeps up with organizational growth.

  • Continue the digital transformation of processes and workflows.

  • Building a team that can continue to deliver and support our programs and events.

To create a fundraising mission that resonates with all Canadians through the use of various marketing channels.

  • Develop a robust Monthly Donor Program in an effort to establish recurring revenue for the organization.

  • Pilot new fundraising channels such as SMS and Telefundraising and event Marketing.

  • Develop and Launch and OLI Endowment Fund which can be marketed through all channels.

  • Develop a Volunteer Program and database to support annual show and other OLI activities throughout the year.

To continue to aspire to be a strongly governed national Indigenous charity with a reputation for unwavering results.

  • To ensure financial sustainability of our programs and solidify the longevity of OLI.

  • Expand our brand footprint through new and engaging events in addition to our annual show.

Read the Full Plan

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